Programs & Services

At Parkwood Behavioral Health System, we believe in offering more options to our patients to make our programs more accessible and our treatments more effective, while maintaining high levels of quality care.

Continuum of Care

Parkwood provides several levels of care with age-appropriate treatment options. Our services are offered in a safe structured environment with treatment administered by a multi-disciplinary team of health professionals. Parkwood Behavioral Health System provides the following treatment services:

Assessment Services are offered by an on-site assessor at Parkwood Behavioral Health System. Following an assessment, a treatment option is recommended to best meet the emotional and physical needs of the patient, with financial considerations made for the family.

Services for Adults include Acute Inpatient Services, Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP).

Services for Adolescents include Acute Inpatient Services,Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP), Partial Hospitalization, and a Residential Treatment Program.

Services for Children include Acute Inpatient Services,Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP), and Partial Hospitalization.

Acute Inpatient Care offers a safe, structured environment with treatment administered by a multi-disciplinary team of mental health professionals. Therapeutic components may include individual, group and family therapy, and activity therapy (offered for children, adolescents and adults).

Partial Hospitalization provides traditional models of inpatient care during the day, with patients returning home in the evening. This program is less restrictive, giving patients more opportunity to use the tools of recovery as they are learning them (offered for children, adolescents and adults).

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)is designed to meet the needs of adults, 18 years and older, who are experiencing problems with addictive disease and/or psychiatric symptoms, but are not in acute situations. The program provides intensive treatment while adults maintain their jobs and family obligations.

Residential Treatment Program (Adolescents only) is provided when an adolescent needs a longer, more stable environment than provided by inpatient care. This option provides a safe living environment for adolescents ages 12-17 so they can receive professional behavioral healthcare in a caring group setting.

Adult Psychiatric & Substance Abuse Program

Our Aftercare Program is offered following inpatient or partial hospitalization at no cost to the patient. These groups meet weekly at Parkwood Behavioral Health System.

Education Assistance: Schooling is always a concern when placing a child in treatment. Parkwood Behavioral Health System offers tutorial assistance to those patients in our acute inpatient setting. Children in our residential program attend Park Academy, which is fully accredited by the Mississippi Accrediting Commission. In addition to meeting the school needs of our patients, we also offer a therapeutic day school program which works in conjunction with various school systems to meet their special education needs.

Family Involvement: At Parkwood Behavioral Health System, family involvement is a vital part of our treatment process. Because may patients return home, it is important that family members become actively involved in the therapeutic process. Our counselors and staff educate family members on the patient’s treatment goals and needs. Just as importantly, our counselors assist family members in working through their own feelings about the process.

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