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Residential Treatment Program

Residential Treatment Center

Park Academy, the residential treatment program at Parkwood Behavioral Health System, is designed to serve adolescents, ages of 12 – 17, with serious emotional and behavioral problems.

In this program, we do not use punishment to deal with negative behavior. Instead, we use behavioral interventions to assist residents in learning personal responsibility for controlling their behavior. By dealing with emotional issues that cause inappropriate behavior, as well as setting limits to focus residents on taking personal responsibility for their present behavior, our program offers adolescents the possibility of making real changes.

The goal at Park Academy is to help adolescents by providing a structured environment in a residential setting where change can occur. First, the adolescent is assessed by a team that includes a therapist, physician, nurse, nutritionist, and recreational therapist. A treatment plan is developed with specific goals for the adolescent from assessments by the various disciplines. The patient and family work with the therapist to determine goals and assess progress. Each week, the team reviews the case and makes recommendations or gives appropriate feedback to the resident.

Our nursing staff provides 24-hour care. Each resident will be asked to participate in a nutritional assessment. We also include nutritional and recreational goals into the treatment process to provide healthy lifestyle changes for the body, as well as the mind. We are committed to providing a well-rounded approach to treatment.

The program also includes other components, such as individual counseling, group counseling, family counseling, and aftercare linkage.

Family involvement in the treatment process is very important. By participating in family sessions, the family as a whole participates in the process of change. Experience and research shows family involvement improves long-term success in behavioral changes for youth. This is not a secret considering that families provide support for youth as they face a challenging and ever changing world. In family sessions, new parenting skills are learned, problems are resolved, and post discharge plans are made.

Discharge planning begins the first day of admission; we keep our eye on the goal during the whole process. While each patient begins to address his or her goals and family members participate in the process of change, the therapist coordinates the transition from treatment to home. Weekend passes allow residents and their families the opportunity to prepare for discharge. Issues that arise on passes are discussed in family, group, and individual therapy.

We are pleased that we can offer this resource for families with troubled youth. We are committed to making this a successful placement for each child!