Adult Detox

Parkwood Behavioral Health offers adult detox services for those with substance use issues and is more than prepared to support you in the challenging early stages of recovery.

What Is Detox and Why Is It Important?

Detox is the process of ridding the body of drugs or alcohol, and it can be a tough journey for many. It may take days or months to “get clean” and become ready to take the next steps in your journey to recovery.

It is key to have a team at a detox center that both understands addiction and withdrawal symptoms around you while going through detox, and the team at Parkwood Behavioral Health is ready and prepared to take care of you.

Warning Signs of Addiction and Substance Use Disorder

There are many symptoms of a potential problem with drugs and alcohol, including:

Physical Symptoms

  • Pupil size changes and bloodshot eyes
  • Strange smells
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Changes in appetite
  • Sudden weight loss or gain

Emotional and Psychological Symptoms

  • Paranoia and anxiety with no reason
  • Lack of energy
  • Changes in personality
  • Mood swings

What is Dual Diagnosis?

While a detox program is necessary for those with substance use issues, treating the physical symptoms of an addiction is not enough. Typically, chemical dependency is a symptom of a much larger psychological issue. At Parkwood Behavioral Health, we’re prepared to treat co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders through mental health and substance use treatment.

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