Telehealth is a convenient way to receive specialized care from the comfort of your home, whenever and wherever you need it.

How Can Telehealth Help Me?

Telehealth provides some of the same therapies and treatment that you would receive in in-person treatment with the added benefit of convenience. The anywhere, anytime convenience of telehealth means that most of the excuses to avoid treatment are no longer relevant and nothing should hold you back from seeking help.

Why Choose Telehealth?

Factors like distance to treatment and scheduling can hold you back from receiving the help that you need, and telehealth provides a great way to eliminate those factors. Therapies provided virtually can make a difference in your life.

Does My Insurance Cover Telehealth?

The best way to determine if telehealth is covered by your insurance is to call your provider and ask. Our admissions team may also be able to assist in determining if telehealth treatment is right for you and how to afford it.

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